Upfront Gallery & Lobby

Linda Ruth Dickinson
Upfront Gallery

April 7 – 29, 2017

First Friday Gallery Walk:
April 7, 2017

Linda Ruth Dickinson, Hear

Linda Ruth Dickinson is a self-taught artist born and raised on the island of Taiwan to Midwestern American parents. Drawing on this transcultural heritage she seeks to bridge seemingly disparate world views by expressing the intangible through universal iconography in a synthesis of Eastern and Western thoughts, traditions and values.

Translating her vision primarily through paint on canvas or panel, Dickinson’s explorations result in abstracted imagery that is both familiar and otherworldly.

Her art has been exhibited in museums, art centers and galleries throughout the United States and can be seen in numerous private, public, and institutional collections.

Jeff Bell & Megan Sullivan, detail of installation Project Reject is Underway in Artspace’s Lobby.

Jeff Bell & Megan Sullivan (Notary Public)
Project Reject Is Underway

March 3 – May 27, 2017

First Friday Gallery Walks:
March 3, April 7, & May 5, 2017

Site-Specific Installation:
Tedd Anderson

Davie St Entrance

Tedd Anderson’s mural features the iconic “dry space” characters for which the artist is known set in a landscape filled with swirling, topographic lines, jagged edges, and meditative objects and shapes. A banner with a poem scrawled on its surface runs through the piece, bringing the imagery into a cohesive whole.