Catherine Thornton
Friends, Sense and Non-sense

April 4-26, 2014
First Friday Gallery Walk: April 4, 6-10pm

Catherine Thornton, 100_2998Catherine Thornton, from Alice and Friends series

The Upfront Gallery, devoted to Artspace member artists, features Catherine Thornton’s April exhibition Friends, Sense and Non-sense. The exhibition showcases her imaginatively conjured animals and human figures. She creates relationships to identify what she calls the “crossing of the senses,” when emotions are not simply happy or sad. “In the middle of sad, sometimes we laugh. In the middle of happy, we cry,” says Thornton in her artist statement. In the situations that art conjures, Thornton asks whether these reactions are sense or nonsense, and whether friendships can help sort out the difference. Her ceramic sculptures are accomplishments in striking realism, while the imagined world they inhabit hums with whimsy and eccentricity.

Artist Biography
Catherine Thornton earned a BFA in painting and sculpture from Longwood College (currently Longwood University), VA. Thornton has been the recipient of numerous awards and her work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Thornton’s work has also been published in Lark Publication’s 500 Cups.