Upfront Gallery & Lobby

Martha Clippinger
Real Quick
PNC Pop In Artist in Residence

Upfront Gallery
May 6 – June 25, 2016

First Friday Gallery Walk:
June 3, 2016

Our latest PNC Pop In Artist in Residence, Martha Clippinger, comes to us from Durham, NC. Clippinger earned her MFA in Painting/Sculpture from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. Martha’s approach to creating art combines elements of painting, sculpture, and outsider art; with the final result being sometimes harmonious, sometimes whimsical compositions.

Martha will be teaching a found object art-making workshop here on April 9th. To learn more and to register, check it out here.

Antoine Williams
Site-Specific Installation

April 1 – June 25, 2016

First Friday Gallery Walks:
April 1, May 6, June 3, 2016

Antoine Williams, Site-Specific Installation (detail) 

Artist Statement:

Something entirely fictitious and true, that creeps across your path hallowing your evil ways. – Amiri Baraka

My art practice is an investigation of my cultural identity through the exploration of societal signs as they relate to institutional inequities. I have created a mythology, which have become a narrative catalogue of loosely autobiographical humanoid beings that personify the complexities of perception, which can affect race, class, and masculinity. My artwork is heavily influenced by sci-fi literature from such authors as Octavia Butler and H.G. Wells. Themes in science fiction can be analogous to the Black experience in America. Therefore, I have created a world of beings that personify the complexity within hierarchies of power in everyday life. These figures manifest as mixed-media installations, paintings, drawings, and collage.These entities reference the Dadaist, who appropriated and re-contextualized images from society in order to create “anti-art”. Namely Hans Arp, who considered the destruction of “signs” as a subversive act. The signs I’m interested in are tropes associated with the Black body within the American psyche.

In the vein of Felix Gonzales-Torres, I have a concern for making the personal, public. These beings (which are nameless) are inspired by personal experiences from a rural working class, upbringing, in Red Springs, North Carolina that related to wider contemporary concerns. Inspired by the Amiri Baraka poem “Something in the Way of Things”, these beings live in the intangible spaces that exist between the nuances of class and race. They are both born of and perpetuate the actions and thought processes due to social reproduction. They exist in an abstracted purgatory.

Site-Specific Installation:
Tedd Anderson

Davie St Entrance

Tedd Anderson’s mural features the iconic “dry space” characters for which the artist is known set in a landscape filled with swirling, topographic lines, jagged edges, and meditative objects and shapes. A banner with a poem scrawled on its surface runs through the piece, bringing the imagery into a cohesive whole.