Upfront Gallery

Lile Stephens
Fear and Flight

September 4 – October 31, 2015

Technology, Art & Ethics Panel
Featuring: Lile Stephens, Kelly McChesney, and more
Thursday, September 24th

Artist Talk with Lile Stephens
Thursday, October 15th

Lile Stephens, installation detail

Lile Stephens’ residency will focus on society’s relationship with flight technology—commercial, military, and civilian. At any given moment, one can look to the skies and witness machines that defy the inevitable pull of earth’s gravity.

In the grand narrative of recorded history, we often forget that it little more than a century ago—the blink of an eye—that the Wright Brothers ushered in a new era of transportation, commerce, observation, and warfare. The convenience and wonder of flight is regularly challenged by fear: terrorism, disease transmission, surveillance, and tragedy.

Artist Bio:

Lile Stephens is an artist and educator based in Durham, North Carolina. An advocate for informed and responsible use of technology, he is currently working for the nonprofit Kramden Institute teaching digital literacy and open-source software. Born in Alabama, he grew up in Arkansas where he eventually received his BFA and MA from Arkansas State University before moving to Chapel Hill. He received his MFA from the University of North Carolina in 2014.

Special thanks to PNC, the Kramden Institute and the Maurer Foundation for their generous support of Lile Stephens’ Residency, Exhibition and Workshop.


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