Upfront Gallery

Linda Ruth Dickinson

Upfront Gallery
November 7 - November 29, 2014
First Friday Gallery Walk: November 7, 6-10pm

Linda Ruth Dickinson, a long-time Artspace studio artist, exhibits her new series, Resound, for the first time in Artspace’s Upfront Gallery. Her paintings explore the relationship between the visible world and the mind’s eye. Of her work she says, “many of my paintings display a desire to visualize ‘horizonscapes’ of reductive expanse.” With vivid, radiating hues, the paintings refer to landscapes and the nature of optics, but this new series is yet more ethereal while referencing the mark-making process more than in previous works. The pieces have a heady, contemporary effect and will doubtless stop viewers in their tracks.

Artist Bio:

Linda Ruth Dickinson is a self-taught artist born and raised on the island of Taiwan to Midwestern American parents. Drawing on this transcultural heritage she seeks to bridge seemingly disparate worldviews by expressing the intangible through universal iconography in a synthesis of Eastern and Western thoughts, traditions and values. Her art has been exhibited in museums, art centers and galleries throughout the United States and can be seen in numerous private, public, and institutional collections.