Upfront Gallery

Carrie Alter
Crossing The Lines: A Collaboration Project by artists Carrie Alter and Max McMichaels

December 2 – 26, 2015

First Friday Gallery Walk:
December 4, 2015

About the Work:

Artist Max McMichaels happens to be Carrie Alter’s 9 year old. He spends so much time in her studio drawing that, a few months ago, she started giving him canvas to draw on. Carrie could not help but see the potential in collaborating with him and his work. She has been painting Max’s drawings with slight manipulations while maintaining his whimsical qualities and playful narratives. A true collaboration and a project that speaks to feminist issues as Carrie has collided her worlds as a working artist and a mother.

Crossing The Lines can be interpreted in several contexts. What society deems inappropriate is often considered crossing the lines. For example, the act of collaborating with a child at a professional level in the art world today might be considered “crossing the lines.” Alter is literally crossing McMichaels’ canvas lines with paint and some of the imagery might be considered “crossing the lines.”

The action of drawing outside of the lines in a coloring book… Speaking of coloring books, Artspace’s new gift shop has 8″x10″ coloring books and 4″x6″ limited edition Crossing The Lines look books! Both include all of Max McMichaels original canvas drawings.

A large selection of the paintings will be on display in Upfront Gallery.